Past Research Topics

During my Biology study at the University of Nijmegen, my minor was Exobiology and my major was Microbiology. The latter study focussed on the biochemistry of methanogenesis.

Culture of Methanosarcine barkeri

After graduation, I started working as a PhD-student at the department of microbiology in Nijmegen. There I studied methyl transfer reactions in methanogens. These reactions involve corrinoid (vitamin B12) containing enzymes. I graduated with honor on a thesis titled "Methanol-dependent methyl transfer reactions in Methanosarcina barkeri".  My list of publications gives an overview of all articles I have published during and after that period.

Cyanocobalamin (Vitamine B12)
Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12)

Next, I started working as a post-doc at the laboratory of Food Chemistry at the Wageningen University were I studied the methyl group distribution of pectin for 3 years. The company Hercules sponsored these studies.

Methylated and non-methylated polygalacturonan ('pectin')
After that I worked for a period of 8 months for the Wageningen Centre for Food Sciences. There I studied the galactosyl distribution of galactomannans.

Locust bean gum
Generalized structure of locust bean gum galactomannan

My list of publications gives an overview of all articles I have published so far. Links to publications can also be found by searching the web with Piet JH Daas or PJH Daas as a search string.

After my university carrier, I started working at Statistics Netherlands. The story continues here.

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