List of Publications

Statistics Netherlands publication period (2023 - current)

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Daas, P.J.H., De Miguel, B., De Miguel, M. (2023) Identifying Drone Web Sites in Multiple Countries and Languages with a Single Model. Journal of Data Science 21(2), 225-238. DOI-link (paper).

Daas, P., Verweij, R., Evenhuis, P., Dijkstra, K., Bleker, S. (2023) Validation of the Social Tension Indicator (in Dutch). Statistics Netherlands report, The Hague/Heerlen, The Netherlands.6 (report).

Daas, P., Hassink, W., Klijs, B. (2023) On the Validity of Using Webpage Texts to Identify the Target Population of a Survey: An Application to Detect Online Platforms. IZA - Institute of Labor Economics discussion paper 15941, February. (report).

Daas, P., Puts, M. (2023) Lessons learned when applying Machine Learning in Official Statistics: Why it helps to be a survey statistician and a data scientist! Presentation for the UNECE Machine Learning for Official Statistics Workshop 2023, Geneva, Switzerland. (Link to abstract, paper, and presentation).

Gootzen, Y.A.P.M., Daas, P.J.H., van Delden, A. (2023) Quality Framework for combining survey, administrative and big data for official statistics. Statistical Journal of the IAOS 39(2), 439-466. DOI-link (link to paper).

Cremers, D., Daas, P., Polder, M., van Roekel, R., Vancauteren, M., Visser, C. (2023) The Impact of innovation on Firm Performance: The Role of Micro-firms in the Netherlands. Paper and presentation at the Economic Statistics Centre of Excellence (ESCoE) conference on Economic Measurement 2023, May 18, Londen, UK.

Daas, P. (2023) Big Data in Official Statistics. Inaugural speech at the Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands, May 26. (lecture, slides, and the recorded stream).

Daas, P., Tennekes, M., de Miguel Molina, B., de Miguel Molina, M., Santamarina Campos, V., Carausu, F., Ascheri, A. (2023) Landscaping the Drone Industry on the Web. Presentation for the Web Intelligence Hub Confenece (WIH-CON), June 12, Brussel, Belgium. The presentation can be viewed after registration on the conference page.

Daas, P. (2023) Categorizing company websites based on website texts. Presentation at the ISI 2023 World Statistics Congress, 16-20 July, Ottawa, Canada. (abstract).

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