List of Publications

Statistics Netherlands publication period (2023 - current)

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Daas, P.J.H., De Miguel, B., De Miguel, M. (2023) Identifying Drone Web Sites in Multiple Countries and Languages with a Single Model. Journal of Data Science, In press. doi/10.6339/23-JDS1087 (already available online).

Daas, P., Verweij, R., Evenhuis, P., Dijkstra, K., Bleker, S. (2023) Validation of the Social Tension Indicator (in Dutch). Statistics Netherlands report, The Hague/Heerlen, The Netherlands.6 (report).

Daas, P., Hassink, W., Klijs, B. (2023) On the Validity of Using Webpage Texts to Identify the Target Population of a Survey: An Application to Detect Online Platforms. IZA - Institute of Labor Economics discussion paper 15941, February. (report).

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