About me

Me, myself and I

Everything you always wanted to know about me (and I'm willing to tell you).

Name: Piet Daas.
Age: Above 40.
Education: Yes, a lot. I became a 'Doctorandus' (Master of Science) in Biology in 1990 and a Doctor in the Natural sciences in 1996. Both with honor ('cum laude'). I'm a professor by special appointment at the Eindhoven University of Technology.
Offspring: 3, Quinty and the twins Thijmen and Sterre
Hobby's: Running, Internet-related stuff, 3D-shooting games (Quake 3), radio controlled cars and computers.  
Work: Yes. Take a look at my Linkedin profile. I'm a Big Data analytics guru. Here is my short bio.
Favorite.... Music:  Jimi Hendrix, Anouk, Intwine, and Classic rock.
Movie:  The 13th Warrior.
TV-program:  Star Trek, CSI/NCIS, F1.
Book:  The one I'm currently reading (this varies) and scientific papers.
Food:  Chicken Masala, Big Mac, Subway Club and caramel.
Drink:  Coffee, Belgian beer (especially, Corsendonck Pater and Chimay bleue) and Dutch/Flanders 'oud bruin' beer.
Websites: A lot. But I don't use bookmarks anymore ;-)
Animals: Dogs and hamsters.
Holiday: Revisit Norway, visit Iceland.

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For comments contact me at: contact@pietdaas.nl